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Empowering Others to live their Full Life! Topical and interview episodes focusing on living your full life as God intended! Listen and Be Empowered!


March 26, 2020



JOEL is the dreamer and visionary.  Joel’s background is in Family and Child development where has developed and implemented countless programs that promote self and group improvement.  His Master’s in Counseling, Bachelors in Recreation and faith has provided him with insight on just how important living a full life is dependent on those core areas of physical, mental and spiritual health.  His spiritual gifts of Leadership, administration and prophecy is what drives him to serve and motivate others.  Joel has served in roles such as Executive Director, Trainer, Consultant and Business Owner and would love to use his skills and abilities to get you from where you are to where GOD wants you to be!

 DANA is the organizing force of the WAYMAKER team.  She knows how to interpret Joel’s crazy and seemingly unrealistic visions and bring them to fruition by developing the action plan and paying attention to the details.  Joel has used the analogy of him being “a bike with no chain” which works fine if you are going down a hill,  but once he found Dana he realized she was the part of the bike that made his bike as it should.  Dana is well known and respected in the field of Healthcare.  She has worked as an Occupational Therapist, Director of Rehabilitation and Administrator of one of Michigan’s most respected Skilled Nursing facilities.  She is passionate and extremely knowledgeable in the area of health and wellness! 

Through this Podcast we desire to fulfill our mission which is "To Empower and Equip Other's to Live Their Full Life as God Intended"

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